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Name:where i publicly jerk off via creative expression
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Community description:Fanfiction
Hi I like to write fanfics and original garbage sometimes so I will post them here. I also crosspost the fanfiction to my AO3 which is [ profile] autocannibalism.

Catch-All Disclaimer: In my works of fanfiction, the characters in the story do not belong to me, but to their respective creators. In addition, any song lyrics used in titles or what-have-you don't belong to me, either.

Comments: Comments are loved, but I'm not about to whine about silent readers or anything. Constructive criticism is welcome, of course, as I'm always trying to improve! Particularly on original pieces.

Requests: If it's for a fandom I'm familiar with, go ahead and request something! The only thing I can't promise is timeliness, as I tend to write when inspiration hits.

What to Expect: I'm a horror writer first and foremost - I have two major original universes, and both are of the horror genre. Fanfic-wise, I tend to gravitate toward horror canons. That being said, I like to branch out to many different sub-genres from paranormal events to teen slashers to straight-up gore/torture, etc. I've been wanting to give extreme body horror a try. Ratings can be anything from G to Explicit, and I am a pretty avid shipper. M/M is my preference, but I've been known to write F/F or F/M sometimes, too. For smut, though, it's M/M exclusively. I'm pretty wordy so most of my oneshots are 5k words or more, but there's exceptions to this, too. Any offensive subjects will be warned for.

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