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Title: one man's trash
Fandom: EverymanHYBRID
Pairing: Evan Jennings/Jeff Koval + their bff Vinny Everyman
Rating: G
Summary: Vinny, Evan, and Jeff have unique taste in vacation destinations.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 200
Crosspost: N/A
Notes: written for [community profile] drabble_zone's challenge "holiday/vacation."

The Gays own urban exploration now sorry i don't make the rules )
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I'm gonna be posting a few drabbles because I don't want them on my AO3 and as of right now they only exist on the challenge community so.

Title: you dude i got a new dog
Fandom: EverymanHYBRID
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: Local teenage boy teams up with vaguely humanoid grey abomination that walks on all fours.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Crosspost: N/A
Notes: Written for [community profile] drabble_zone's challenge "whisper." Concept inspired from this fanart.

yo )
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Title: heaven in hiding.
Fandom: MLAndersen0, Marble Hornets
Pairing: Tim Wright/Michael Andersen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which I fuck with canon timelines and canon locations to explore the possibility of Tim and Michael meeting by chance during their youth inpatient days, because I want so badly for them both to have someone who understands them.
Warnings: Takes place in a mental hospital, so there's that. Mental health issues and unreality.
Word Count: 7402
Crosspost: here @ AO3
Notes: For [profile] fandom_flashwork's challenge "best." Pre-canon. Pre-Masky. Draws a lot from personal experience. I really really want these two to be happy!!!

my ship name for tim/michael is 'double cinnamon roll' )
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Title: expendability.
Fandom: Marble Hornets
Pairing: Alex Kralie/Jay Merrick (kinda..........)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: you can save him; you can save everyone.
Warnings: implied murder, attempted murder, implied planned suicide. unreality. the Hell that is second-person POV (I did it for achievement badges at a challenge...)
Word Count: 2190
Notes: I wrote this weeks ago for [community profile] fan_flashworks challenge "glass." I'm not crossposting it to AO3 because it's not up to my own standards but I'll keep it here for archiving purposes.

fun fact i wrote this in one night on my phone at a bar which is probably why it sucks )
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Title: i'm just trying to keep it together, because i could do worse and you could do better.
Fandom: EverymanHYBRID
Pairing: Evan Jennings/Jeff Koval (Mentioned Jeff/Jessalyn, Evan/Stephanie, and Evan/Jessie. Evan/Alex if you squint.)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: None of it makes sense, really, but Evan doesn't think anything about him has made sense since the day he was born, so it's just more parts of a whole pattern. [Some snapshots of Evan and Jeff's life.]
Warnings: Violence, canon-compliant character death, underage drinking. ....bad language...?
Word Count: 11144
Crosspost: here @ AO3
Notes: this was emotionally exhausting to write lol. worth it.

evan's inner monologue isn't clever and neither am i. )
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Title: parasite from the outside.
Fandom: EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve
Pairing: Evan Jennings/Noah Maxwell (Vinny/Jessie on the side a little)
Rating: R overall, PG-13 in this part.
Summary: [scene cuts, Always Sunny music plays with the caption "The Gang Encounters a Skinwalker."] AU.
Warnings: None yet, eventually will have gore/violence/character death/all around having a Bad Time.
Word Count: 7446
Crosspost: here @ AO3
Notes: Like I said on AO3, this part is kinda... not exciting, but neither are the first 20 minutes of any horror movie so there.

noah is already trying His Best and nobody's even dying yet )
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Title: counting plastic stars
Fandom: Original (novel excerpt)
Pairing: Will Harrison/Kieran Walker subtext
Rating: PG-13 I guess they like to say fuck a lot.
Summary: In which Will and Kieran argue about Pokemon and there's a lot of sexual tension and it's awkward.
Warning: Not-so-nice language (r*tard is thrown around once I think.)
Notes: Lexi and Kay asked, so :D There's not much you need to know for context, really, other than Nina and Ellie are two others in their friend group. And the Kieran-being-a-masochist-thing was a joke from when Nina pointed out that he'll only eat extremely spicy food. Also this takes place in 1999 so Pokemon Red/Blue was New and Amazing.

what about bulbasaur tho )